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About MPC

Today, licensed plumbing contractors are facing greater challenges from: unlicensed competition, major utility encroachment, ever changing building codes, New York City’s fiscal crisis, technological changes, new workplace laws and regulations.

NYCMPC membership provides support to professionals in the plumbing and related industries. Members are justly recognized as authorities. Be a part of the Master Plumbers Council, engage with others and help to protect your livelihood.

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Subsurface Plumbers Association


SPANY consists of licensed plumbing firms specializing in the performance of sewer and water main installation, replacements, repairs, upgrades, and all other associated underground plumbing work. With its close affiliation with the MPCNYC, the two associations provide a full range of services to the plumbing industry.

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compliance guides:

- GUIDE TO LOCAL DOT CT 87 Compliance

MPC Guide to Local DOT CT 87 Compliance 4.16.19MPC Guide to Local DOT CT 87 Compliance 4.16.19

Please click here for a list of MPC Member Companies that are CT 87 Compliant.


MPC Guide to LL 152 Compliance 3.6.19MPC Guide to LL 152 Compliance 3.6.19 

Industry News

Governor Cuomo and National Grid Announce Agreement to Lift Moratorium Immediately
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced an agreement with National Grid to immediately lift the current moratorium on gas service in Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. National Grid has identified short-term supply mechanisms that will conservatively meet demand for approximately the next two years, allowing it to restore service to any customers that it had refused and grant all pending applications. National Grid will present a long-term options analysis within three months, subject to a public review process. The long-term options will be in place and functioning in Fall 2021. Click here to continue reading.

DOB Staff Visited 1,000 Construction Sites to Inform Contractors & Workers of New Training Requirements

New York, NY –  Today, Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca and agency staff members visited 1,000 construction sites throughout the five boroughs in a day-long public outreach blitz to inform contractors and workers that new safety-training requirements will take effect on December 1st. At that time, construction and demolition workers at a large construction sites in New York City will be required to have at least 30 hours of site-safety training, and supervisors must have at least 62 hours of training. The exact locations of approximately 7,000 construction sites where training is required can be seen in DOB's interactive map.

In addition, tomorrow, DOB will join representatives from the Mayor’s Office, our partner city agencies, and day laborer advocacy groups, on another “Day of Action” targeted toward the city’s day-laborer community.

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The Department of Buildings announced the release of a new, interactive map showing the location of all 1,056 building construction projects across New York City where DOB has issued permits allowing construction work to proceed outside of normal business hours. The map, which is updated daily, includes links to the Department’s Buildings Information System (BIS) public database, which has further information about these permits, including what type of work is being performed, the hours of the permitted work, and the reason why the after-hours permits were granted. The new map will give members of the public a tool to confirm whether construction projects on their block have the proper permits to work at nights and on weekends. An after-hours variance (AHV) permit is required to perform any building construction work in New York City before 7:00 am, after 6:00 pm, or on the weekend. Click here to continue reading press release.

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