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Disclaimer: The information provided is subject to change and the MPC will provide any updates as they occur. It is intended to provide the industry with information needed to be able to comply with upcoming new regulations regarding the installation, repair and maintenance of jurisdictional gas piping.

* Please review the terms and vocabulary page as this section makes use of acronyms found in that section.


Who will provide the required US DOT Operator Qualification training?

Members of Plumbers Local one and their employers shall be trained by Operator Qualified Instructors at the training center.

UA Plumbers Local 1 Training Center

37-11 47th Avenue

Long Island City NY 11101

Note: Local 1 members will only receive training after their employer has been accepted into the Plumbing Foundation Operator Qualification Program; their employer sponsors them and they pass the baseline drug test. The Plumbing Foundation will coordinate scheduling of the training with the Local 1 Director of training.

For all other licensees seeking to obtain training for themselves or their employees please visit the NYC Master Plumbers Council website at:

Specific questions related only to TRAINING ONLY should be directed to:

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