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How to Get Your Company Listed:

In order to be featured on this list, you must be a member of the Master Plumbers Council in good standing and you or your employee must be Operator Qualified. Please email for more information.

Member companies that are ct 87 Compliant:

Below is a list of MPC Members who are Operator Qualified. 

A Good Plumber Inc.

LMP: Warren Sobolow & William Sobolow

LMP #: 1948 & 2434

Contact Person: Warren Sobolow

Phone Number: 718-648-6838


A Real Good Plumber, Inc

LMP: Paul Shay

LMP #: 1307

Contact Person: Latisha

Phone Number: 212-505-1837



LMP: Michael Warshaw

LMP #: 1822

Contact Person: Cristine Bruno

Phone Number: 212-343-0101


Adriatic Plumbing & Heating Corp.

LMP: Zeljan Ugarkovic

LMP #: 1814

Contact Person: Zeljan

Phone Number: 718-932-7300


Ajax Plumbing and Heating Corp

LMP: Adam Epstein

LMP #: 1003

Contact Person: Adam Epstein

Phone Number: 718-224-5517


Aladdin Plumbing Corp.

LMP: Randy Gitli & Erik Gitli

LMP #: 1284 & 1976

Contact Person: Erik Gitli & Randy Gitli

Phone Number: 718-783-4621


Aladdin Plumbing Corp.

LMP: Erik A. Gitli

LMP #: 1976

Contact Person: Erik Gitli

Phone Number: 718-783-4621


Alcyone Plumbing Co. Inc.

LMP: Patrick Dolan

LMP #: 903

Contact Person: Deborah O'Reilly

Phone Number: 718-279-1790


Alklem plumbing inc

LMP: joseph critelli

LMP #: 1524

Contact Person: joseph critelli

Phone Number: 718 433 2400




LMP #: 1271

Contact Person: ROY VAN ALLEN

Phone Number: 718-326-0181


Aranda Plumbing & Heating Corp.

LMP: Manuel Aranda

LMP #: 1969

Contact Person: Tommy

Phone Number: 718-424-2524


Arista Plumbing & Heating Corp.

LMP: Evangelos Zikopoulos

LMP #: 1725

Contact Person: Angelo

Phone Number: 917-416-3804


Atlas Plumbing & Meter Works Inc.

LMP: Daniel Schlissel

LMP #: 2148

Contact Person: Daniel Schlissel

Phone Number: 718-380-3211


Aurora Plumbing & Heating Co, Inc

LMP: Carlo Popolano

LMP #: 1626

Contact Person: Carlo Popolano

Phone Number: 718-235-4091


Best Plumbing Heating & Cooling Inc

LMP: Fred Davis

LMP #: 1746

Contact Person: Fred/Annie

Phone Number: 718 252 7775


Big Apple Sewer & Drain, Inc. DBA Big Apple Installations

LMP: Nicholas C. Rosen

LMP #: 2361

Contact Person: Nick Rosen

Phone Number: 718-934-4433


Billharz Plumbing Inc.

LMP: Henri Billharz

LMP #: 1986

Contact Person: Henri Billharz

Phone Number: 718-784-2468


Cosme Plumbing & Heating Corp.

LMP: Carlos Cosme

LMP #: 2214

Contact Person: Carlos Cosme

Phone Number: 718-402-0770


D&G Plumbing Co. inc.

LMP: David Gillam

LMP #: 1064

Contact Person: David

Phone Number: 718-352-5076


Everyday Mechanical Corp.

LMP: Anthony Corbo

LMP #: 2028

Contact Person: Caroline

Phone Number: 718-381-8991


George Bassolino Plumbing Ltd

LMP: George Bassolino

LMP #: 1044

Contact Person: George Bassolino 4

Phone Number: 718-622-0911


GSB Plumbing & Heating Corp

LMP: George Bateman

LMP #: 2413

Contact Person: George Bateman

Phone Number: 718-239-4960

Harris Plumbing & Heating

LMP: Pasquale Quaratino

LMP #: 1370

Contact Person: Antonio Quaratino, Chris Vitucci, Audley Kerr, Martino Parente, Joseph Paternoster

Phone Number: 718-495-3400


JPI Plumbing & Heating Inc

LMP: Joseph Pietracatella

LMP #: 1904

Contact Person: Ann Margaret

Phone Number: 718-727-9100




LMP #: 1963

Contact Person: Joanne or Mary Ellen

Phone Number: 718-748-8400




LMP #: 1680

Contact Person: Joanne or Mary Ellen

Phone Number: 718-748-8400


L.J.S. Piping and Heating

LMP: Louis Sarosick

LMP #: 2078

Contact Person: Louis Sarosick

Phone Number: 718-592-2707


Maxwell Plumb Mechanical

LMP: Kirk Seubert

LMP #: 1221

Contact Person: Max

Phone Number: 718-279-4441


Metro Inc.

LMP: Edwin Vazquez

LMP #: 1526

Contact Person: Edwin Vazquez

Phone Number: 718-417-6008


New York Heating Corp.

LMP: John Orlando Jr.

LMP #: 1002

Contact Person: Paul Scarola

Phone Number: 718-782-3894


NYC Plumbing & Heating Inc.

LMP: Stuart Liben

LMP #: 1217

Contact Person: Stuart Liben

Phone Number: 347-391-2747


Owl Plumbing & Heating

LMP: Charles Wolfinger

LMP #: 774

Contact Person: Charlie

Phone Number: 718 805-3456


Petri Plumbing & Heating Inc.

LMP: Michael Petri

LMP #: 1301

Contact Person: Michael Petri

Phone Number: 718-748-1254


Ranshaw Plg & Htg

LMP: Richard Bonelli

LMP #: 1090

Contact Person: JoAnn

Phone Number: 718-767-0707


Ro-Sal Plumbing & Heating

LMP: James Salera

LMP #: 714

Contact Person: Keith Hooke

Phone Number: 718-843-8304


Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Corp.

LMP: Jonathan Clark

LMP #: 2341

Contact Person: Jonathan Clark

Phone Number: 212-734-5000


Senid Plumbing & Heating Corp.

LMP: Robert Giuliante

LMP #: 1220

Contact Person: Kathleen or Kelly

Phone Number: 718-445-3710


Serve Well Plumbing & Heating Inc

LMP: Frederick Schultz

LMP #: 289

Contact Person: Frederick Schultz

Phone Number: 718-847-1830


Valley Construction Services, Inc.

LMP: John Martin

LMP #: 2406

Contact Person: John

Phone Number: 718-806-1935


Velocity Plumbing & Heating Inc

LMP: Andrew Bordieri

LMP #: 2416

Contact Person: Andrew Bordieri

Phone Number: 718-361-1595


Victory Plumbing & Heating Contractors

LMP: Justin Moss

LMP #: 2386

Contact Person: Justin

Phone Number: 718-556-0082


Vigilante Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning

LMP: Anthony Vigilante

LMP #: 1728

Contact Person: Aaron

Phone Number: 718-522-6111


Vigilante Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning

LMP: Salvatore Vigilante

LMP #: 1246

Contact Person: Aaron

Phone Number: 718-522-6111

Updated 10.21.19

DISCLAIMER: This list is comprised of MPC members that employ operator qualified persons and have requested to have their company included. The list is not all inclusive of MPC members that may employ operator qualified individuals. The Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York, Inc. does not certify or guarantee its accuracy. The MPC does not recommend or approve of individual companies. Building owners are solely responsible for checking a plumbing technician’s gas operator qualification card prior to the commencement of work to confirm that his or her qualifications are up to date and that the technician is actively employed by a New York City licensed master plumber. Building owners are able to scan the QR code on the gas qualification card with any QR code reader/scanner to view the technician’s qualifications. The license number of the plumbing company listed in the qualification should match the company name of the plumber you have hired to do the work. QR readers are available as free applications to download on a smart phone or tablet. Building owners are also advised to go to the NYC Department of Buildings’ website to confirm that a licensed plumber is active and insured. If you have any concerns that the person is not properly qualified, please contact us at