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The following list comprises the 2019 Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York Committee Chairperson(s). For more information, contact the NYCMPC.

Audit Committee:

Responsible for the monitoring of all financing.

Chairman: John Sideris

Bylaws Committee:

Thoroughly review Bylaws and make recommendations to Board of Directors, with respect to updates and modifications. With the Political Action Committee, communicate with corporate counsel, as necessary, for clarification and achievement of a greater understanding of the Bylaws, along with any applicable legal implications. Communicate with Board, as necessary, to ensure Board's understanding and adherence of Bylaws.

Chairman: Patrick Sementa

Construction Codes Revision Committee:

In charge of selecting all Mechanical Code, Admin and Advisory Code and Plumbing Code members. Coordinates all information obtained through the sub-committees. Communicates with all other co-chair members.

Chairman: George Bassolino

Construction Trades License Training Corp Liaison:

Coordinates continuing education classes.

Chairman: Leonard Williams

DOE Committee:

Work with the DOE to get new students from trade schools hired by members of the MPC. Provide feedback and suggestions to the DOE and to the schools in regards to their plumbing programs and preparing their students for the industry.

Chairman: Harris Clark

Education Committee:

In charge of organizing and scheduling all educational classes for members and their employees.

Chairman: Richard Bonelli

Ethics Committee:

The primary purpose of this committee is to address any reports or concerns regarding the ethical behavior of the membership of the Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York. Behavior that would be considered unethical would be behavior that is contrary or in opposition to our current Code of Ethics of the Membership of the Master Plumbers Council.

Chairman: Patrick Sementa

Finance Committee:

Review/make recommendations for annual budget; review/make recommendations for annual audit; review/make recommendations for investments; do financial forecasting and make recommendations; approve the appointment of the auditor.

Chairman: Leonard Williams

Fire Suppression Committee:

Keep apprised of any change in code or legislation concerning fire standpipe or sprinkler systems covered under the NYC LMP's license. Report any proposed changes or actual change to the Board of Directors.

Chairman: Timothy Donohue

Foundation Liaison:

Creates an alliance and line of communication regarding DOB Rules and Operator Qualification.

Chairman: Richard Bonelli

Fundraising Committee:

Review/make recommendations for ways association can raise extra funds to support scholarships and other programs.

Chairman: John Martin

Gas Operator Qualification Committee:

Schedules training classes and test dates. Deals with common questions from the MPC membership.

Chairman: Timothy Donohue

Good and Welfare Committee:

Ensure proper communication to membership, with respect to illnesses and/or the passing of members (including family members of members), sending notices, flowers or donations, as applicable.

John F. DeLillo, Jr., Executive Director

Governance/Executive Committee:

Agenda for Board meetings; Board development; Evaluation processes for Board and Executive Director; Oversight of goals, board directives and strategic plan.

Chairman: Richard Bonelli

Executive Board Members: Timothy Donohue, Leonard Williams, & George Bassolino

Labor/Safety/Insurance Committee:

Keep abreast of labor legislation, local and national competing collective bargaining agreements, meet with organized labor at the discretion of the Board. Arrange meetings with industry safety experts, obtain pertinent knowledge regarding industry safety/insurance changes and requirements. Provide ongoing research regarding MPC insurance requirements and meet with appropriate industry experts, as required. Provide Board with recommendations.

Chairman: Leonard Williams

Local 1 Liaison:

Deals with common issues between the Master Plumbers Council and Local 1, including Operator Qualification.

Chairman: Timothy Donohue

Membership Committee:

Research, develop and implement strategies and policies concerning recruitment and retention of members, including affiliates.

Chairman: Richard Bonelli

Newsletter Committee:

Assist the Executive Director with newsletters. Provide insight as to the types of articles members would be interested in and occasionally draft articles.

Chairman: George Bassolino

Next Generation Committee:

The purpose of this committee is to prepare the next generation of our industry to assume the role of future leaders of their companies and this association.

Chairman: Harris Clark

Nominating Committee:

Solicits and reviews nominations for the MPC Board of Directors. Prepares a slate of suitable candidates for Board approval.

Chairman: George Bassolino

NYC DEP Sub-Ops:

Required to meet to discuss issues related to DEP as needed. Committee to attend DEP meetings as they are scheduled. May require drafting of proposed changes.

Chairman: John Sideris

NYC DOB Master Plumber and Master Fire Suppression License Board:

Required to represent the MPC at all License Board meetings as scheduled. May require drafting of proposed changes.

Chairman: Leonard Williams

NYC DOB Sub-Ops:

Required to meet to discuss issues related to DOB as needed. Committee to attend Operational Subcommittee Meetings. May require drafting of proposed changes.

Chairman: Darren Lundin

NYC DOT Sub-Ops:

Required to meet to discuss issues related to DOT as needed. Committee to attend DOT meetings as they are scheduled. May require drafting of proposed changes.

Chairman: David Balkan

Political Action Committee (PAC):

Monitor all local, state and federal codes and regulations and legislative issues affecting the NYC plumbing community. Be a part of the planning process, interpretation and implementation of all local and state codes and regulations. Alert the MPC membership of any and all legislative issues affecting the plumbing community. Work with the Tradeshow Committee to plan and execute the annual MPC Conference & Trade Show.

Chairman: Richard Bonelli

Scholarship Committee:

Oversight of awards and scholarship programs.

Chairman: Robert McManus

Special Events Committee:

Coordinate with Executive Director to research and book dinner cruise, dinner dance venue(s), and other events, with Board approval. Set attendance goals and create budget, marketing and communication plan designed to maximize attendance. Develop and implement strategy to maximize journal revenues from membership, as well as non-membership sources.

Chairman: John Sideris

Subsurface Plumbers Liaison:

Interact with SPANYC and report back to MPC Board and Members as necessary.

Chairman: David Balkan

Tradeshow Committee:

With the Political Action Committee, plan, develop, implement and execute all aspects of the MPC Annual Conference and trade show.

Chairman: Darren Lundin

Utilities Committee:

Active Committee required to hold meetings with the Utilities and report back to Board.

Chairman: Patrick Sementa

Website Committee:

Assist the Executive Director with website design, layout, and information posting. Provide insight as to the changes and updates members would be interested in.

John F. DeLillo, Jr., Executive Director