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About MPC

Today, licensed plumbing contractors are facing greater challenges from: unlicensed competition, major utility encroachment, ever changing building codes, New York City’s fiscal crisis, technological changes, new workplace laws and regulations.

NYCMPC membership provides support to professionals in the plumbing and related industries. Members are justly recognized as authorities. Be a part of the Master Plumbers Council, engage with others and help to protect your livelihood.

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Subsurface Plumbers Association


SPANY consists of licensed plumbing firms specializing in the performance of sewer and water main installation, replacements, repairs, upgrades, and all other associated underground plumbing work. With its close affiliation with the MPCNYC, the two associations provide a full range of services to the plumbing industry.

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compliance guides:

- GUIDE TO LOCAL DOT CT 87 Compliance

MPC Guide to Local DOT CT 87 Compliance 4.16.19MPC Guide to Local DOT CT 87 Compliance 4.16.19

Please click here for a list of MPC Member Companies that are CT 87 Compliant.


MPC Guide to LL 152 Compliance 3.6.19MPC Guide to LL 152 Compliance 3.6.19 

Industry News

Upcoming change to Boiler, Fuel Burner, Fuel Storage, and OP49 filings
As of 4:00 pm on August 30, 2019:
Boiler (BL), Fuel Burner (FB) and Fuel Storage (FS) applications not yet in ‘D’ status in the Buildings Information System (BIS) must be filed in DOB NOW: Build;
OP49 paper submissions not yet received by the Department, will not be processed.

Note:  OP49 paper submissions that are either ‘rejected’ and/or are awaiting Certificate of Occupancy approval must be resubmitted by the deadlines indicated on the rejections notices; however, the absolute last day to resubmit any paper OP49 submission is August 31, 2020.  After August 31, 2020, all outstanding paper OP49 resubmissions must be filed as a new notification in DOB NOW: Build.

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