VOL 12, ISSUE 1: Winter 2012

the voice of the licensed master plumber


President’s Message

Dear fellow Licensed Master Plumber:

As this is our first issue of the newsletter of 2012, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was a member of our association in 2011 for their continued support. Your participation in an association that is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards for NYC Licensed Master Plumbers is greatly appreciated. You are an important part of our association’s mission, strategies and accomplishments. [more]

Edition Highlights

The Master Plumbers Council is proud to announce that our newsletter will undergo a change in the coming months, increasing from eight pages to 12. This will enable us to add articles and provide more valuable information to the industry. We plan to feature columns from our committee chairmen and pass along important NYC government updates.

NYCMPC Website

In the first half of 2012, the MPC website will undergo a major redesign. Planned changes include a password- protected member’s only section that will contain infor- mation about DOB/DEP/DOT procedures, full committee reports and other “must have” information. [more]

Cross Connection Control Update

The Cross Connection program was promulgated in 1988 under the direction of the Chief Engineer, Stanley Goldstein. The Cross Connection Task Force was created soon thereafter with various Industries being represented. At its inception, the group met on a monthly basis. [more]

Labor News – Wage Theft Protection

The Wage Theft Prevention Act, which went into effect April 9, 2011, amends the notice of wage rate requirements and expands the civil and criminal remedies that are available when employers fail to comply with these provisions. The act requires this written notice to be provided both at the time of hire and to all existing employees on or before Feb. 1 of each subsequent year. The act also expands the required content of such notice. [more]

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