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DOB Commissioner Chandler Attends MPC Annual Meeting

The MPC was privileged to have DOB Commissioner Chandler speak at our Annual Meeting on June 05, 2018. The Commissioner spoke about the new online LA system that will be coming in Fall 2018. Also, he spoke about the issues with the DOB Inspection Now system. It is obvious that the Commissioner feels most of the blame, for the high failure rate, lies with the licensee, which is unfortunate, but the MPC is moving forward to address the issue.

Other topics included the new expiration system that will be used on permits, in the near future. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Commissioner reads our Newsletter, The Voice of the Licensed Master Plumber, as he quoted several topics from it during his presentation. The Commissioner spoke about how he is trying to eliminate cover-up plumbers and we applaud him for those efforts. 


MPC President, George Bassolino, Vice President, Richard Bonelli,

Commissioner Rick Chandler, Secretary, Leonard Williams