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Operator Qualification Training Program 2018:

If you intend to do Jurisdictional Gas Pipe work after January 01, 2019
OPERATOR QUALIFICATION SURVEY: If you are intend to do DOT jurisdictional work after January 01, 2019, please click here to complete our DOT OQ survey. Please be advised that we will be scheduling classes based on the results of this survey. You do not want to be left out!
In the meantime, please obtain Gas Operator Qualification Membership with the Plumbing Foundation. Please visit for more information.
Be sure to visit our DOT Operator Qualification page on our website, where you will find more information regarding terms, definitions, training information and more.


DOT OQ Training has started!!
The first class will be held on September 05, 2018. The MPC is currently contacting persons who have completed our online survey to schedule classes.
The Plumbing Foundation is also receiving a high volume of applications. Don’t wait to get your applications in. All applications are being processed on a first come, first served basis. A full report will be given at our September General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, September 11th.