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New Con Edison Meter Bars

Please see below information shared by Con Edison regarding the new 500/1000 meter bar requirement:

  • After September 30, 2018, the new Class 500 and Class 1000 AY McDonald meter bars are required for multi-bank installations for class 500 and 1000 Meters. Please refer to the attached specification G703- Requirements for Branch Lines Supplying Multiple Regulators and or Meters for installation guidance. There will be no drawings prepared for these but please refer to the clearances below. An inlet meter valve is required before each class 250/500/1000 meter installation with 2 or more meters to ensure that Con Edison can isolate the individual meters from the other meters.

Use these drawings as guidelines:

  • 250 meters - per CE drawing E0-16886-B
  • 500 meters
  • 1000 meters

Attached are the EXISTING Meter Bar drawings for single and twin set applications. Use these drawings as guidelines:

The MPC recommends that on all jobs you conduct a meeting prior to commencement of work, to ensure all work will be compliant with Con Ed regulations.