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The Voice of the Licensed Master Plumber: Summer 2018

Welcome to Summer 2018. It’s already the middle of July and time is moving way too fast! Before you know it, January 01, 2019 will be here. Besides a potential hangover, that date will also bring us the new requirement for DOT Gas Operator Qualification. The “process” for obtaining this qualification is complete and we will provide information about it in this issue, as well as on our website.

One aspect that has been finalized is the training. The first exams for instructors will be given in mid-July and formal training should start sometime in August. This enhanced gas safety training is the first of its kind anywhere. It consists of leak surveys, atmospheric corrosion surveys, purging gas systems in and out of service and recognizing abnormal operating conditions. It also teaches trainees how to react when they encounter any of these issues. 

We strongly recommend that you consider this training for your employees, even if you have no intention of obtaining Operator Qualification for them. Properly applied, the knowledge gained at these training sessions can increase public safety and, if you are a smart businessperson, your bottom line. A jobbing technician going to look for a water leak would now be aware of additional possible gas related safety issues, which will both help protect your customer and make your service more valuable to them.

We would like to thank the Commissioner for attending our Annual Meeting. His passion for ensuring that plumbers remain compliant, is very much appreciated. His success rate in disciplining cover-up plumbers is unprecedented. The main issue the Commissioner has with our community is the perceived high rate of rejections for submissions of gas authorization and sign off requests. The Commissioner genuinely believes that the licensee is at fault in regard to this issue. Hopefully, after reading this newsletter, he will take a new look at this from another perspective. 

This issue is packed with important information. One article addresses the DOB NOW violations. Since the new audit period appears to be every three months some of our readers may have a disciplinary letter on the way. Let’s hope you don’t, but you do need to stay informed and up-to-date. The best way to do that is to become a member of the MPC. Membership is cheaper than the lowest DOB fine and it is also deductible as a business expense, while the fine is not.

The Executive Board Members of the Master Plumbers Council