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NYC Registered Journeyman Plumber and Full Limited Gas Work Qualifications UPDATED 12-17-18

This update is based on information we received from the DOB Licensing Unit last week. The Licensing Division has received over 2,600 applications since the new DOB NOW: Licensing system launched. They have reviewed the majority of the applications submitted, so if you have submitted an application you should receive a response shortly.

If your workers' applications are submitted by 12/31/2018, they will be reviewed, processed and approved for the 2018 period, as long as the proper information required is provided. The requirements to obtain a registration or qualification are listed in the published DOB literature titled:
Obtain a: Journeyman Plumber Registration or Gas Work Qualification.
Limited Gas Work Qualifications Applications up to 12/31/2018
The Licensing Division will review any application made prior to 12/31/2018. Applications with errors will be denied and, if there is time, the applicant may submit corrected documents. The DOB has agreed to review all applications submitted by the deadline of 12/31/2018.
DPL-1 Forms:
New information 12/17/2018DPL-1 forms DO NOT have to be notarized.
These forms must be completed by the applicant, include their personal information and be signed by them. Any forms that were submitted with incorrect information may be rejected and will have to be resubmitted.
If you know or think your worker has submitted an improper form, you should do the following:
Using the latest DPL-1 form, have the applicant complete the form with all oftheir personal information and their signature. If they are notified by the Licensing Division that they need to submit a corrected form, they should upload the corrected form into the system as quickly as possible. 
Proving Experience:
Applicants for the limited gas work qualification must have 6 months experience to receive this qualification. This may be verified in one of two ways.
1. Obtain a social security earning report form a local social security office.
2. Provide a copy of a pay stub or payroll report that shows at least six months of experience. (for 2018 experience only)
New information 12/17/2018Payroll reports are acceptable for the 2018 period only.
Notes: Social security reports can be obtained immediately, in person from any local social security office. Information for 2018 will not be available. 
If the applicant is using a pay stub or payroll report to prove experience, it can only be used for experience during the 2018 period. The pay stub must illustrate the hours worked within the calendar year.
MPC TIP: If your employee was in employment with you in 2017, it is easier to just provide the social security earnings for that period of time.
Payroll reports are now acceptable for 2018 experience only.
NOTE: The application has a start date. This should be the date the employee started his/her career in plumbing, working in the direct employ of a licensed master plumber. It may not be the date that you hired him/her. The end date should be the date the application is being submitted on. The two periods must be a minimum of six months apart. Proof of experience may be provided for any 6 months in that period.
Email from the DOB:
Good Afternoon:
Please be advised that the DOB Now Licensing site is up and running, I have not received any calls concerning the site being down as of yesterday.
Pay stubs will be acceptable for those claiming 2018 experience only, anyone claiming experience prior to 2018 will need to submit Social Security history of earnings.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
NOTE: Candidates wishing to obtain this qualification through the grandfathering process must have their applications submitted, without errors, prior to the deadline of December 31, 2018. If they do not successfully complete this process, they will have to complete an approved 16-hour course. The MPC is working on developing a 16-hour course at this time. We are anticipating having this training be available by March 2019.
  • Child Support Statement:
This form is not part of the automated application process. It is a New York State requirement for obtaining Registered Journeyman and Gas Work qualifications. Have the applicant prepare a form and be ready to upload it if the DOB asks for it.
  • Notarized Affidavits:
The DOB has objected to and rejected our sample letter. They want the licensee to attest to what they personally witnessed that the applicant actually did for them. Please see the new sample letter attached. The guidelines for the letter are listed below.
MPC Notes about providing affidavits to current or former employees:
As an active licensed master plumber you are obligated to provide these letters to past or present employees. Failure to cooperate may lead to disciplinary actions. You must list the time the applicant worked for you and what their duties were.
We have included a sample letter below that can be used as a template for limited gas work qualifications. If you have any issues, please email us immediately at
Recommendation from the Licensing Committee:
Be Sure to review the applications your employees have submitted. If after reading this update you believe that some information submitted is incorrect, take steps to obtain the proper information so that it will be available in case the DOB requires it. It is better to do this now, rather than having to scramble at the last minute during the holidays.
Full Gas Work Qualification Applications up to 12/31/2018:
At this time, the only way you should be able to apply for this qualification is if you are already a NYC Registered Journeyman Plumber. You will be seeking to add this qualification. Be sure to follow all of the required instructions. There are no forms to be uploaded.
If you are accepted, you will receive an approval email and a new card will be sent to you. The employee does not need to go to the DOB. Please find below what it will look like in the system when they check their status.
After January 1, 2019, there should be a mechanism in place to apply for both Registered Journeyman status and the Full Gas Work Qualification at the same time.
NYC Registered Journeyman Plumber Applications up to 12/31/2018:
Follow all of the instructions when completing and submitting this application. Applications received by 12/31/2018, that do not contain any errors, may be considered for acceptance in the 2018 calendar year. The requirements to obtain NYC Registered Journeyman status as a pre-condition to obtaining a grandfathered Full Gas Work Qualification has been published for over 24 months. The Department has received almost 400 applications for new Journeymen since the launch of DOB Licensing online. 
All applicants that are approved will be scheduled to go to the Licensing Unit to have a photo taken for their new card.
The MPC is very appreciative of the fact that the DOB Licensing Division is making an extra effort to help everyone complete the process under the deadline. Please ensure your employees make every effort to submit accurate applications. If the DOB responds requesting additional or updated information make sure it is provided immediately.
To use DOB NOW: Licensing you first need to create a DOB NOW: Licensing Profile. From the DOB NOW front page, underneath the Login button, click "Don’t have one? Click here to Create a new DOB NOW: Licensing profile". Please click here for step by step instructions on creating a profile.

For more information about DOB NOW: Licensing for Welder, Journeyman and Gas Work Qualifications, please visit the resources page On this page you will find a link to the User Manual.
Click here for registration criteria and qualifications for obtaininga Journeyman Plumber, Fire Suppression Piping Installer Registration or Gas Work Qualification. 
This lists the required documents for the different registrations and qualifications.
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If you have read and follow the above listed guides and instructions and still have an issue, please contact us immediately at
Please note that the DPL-1 form (
is to be completed by the candidatenot the licensee.
Also note that the system will not accept any email that has already been used for any E-filing account.