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Candidates no longer need 7 years’ experience to take written exam

Under NYC Rule 104-01, Candidates are no longer required to have 7 years of work experience nor have to attain registered journeyman status prior to applying to take the written exam.

The only published time requirement is that they have seven years of experience when they submit their final application (lic2). A final application can be submitted up to one year after they have passed both the written and the practical exams. Candidates are now permitted to accrue any additional required time while working through the licensing process. There is no minimum published experience requirements for submission of the initial Lic 41 application. Persons with as few as 4 years total experience may theoretically now start the licensing process. Based on this change, persons who in the future would be prohibited from obtaining a full NYC Dept. of Buildings Gas Work Certificate may actually be able to sit for the written exam!

Possibly, this change was made due to the DOB losing a legal challenge(s) by a person(s) rejected for not having adequate work experience when they submitted their initial application. This “defect” in their application was not exposed until after they had passed both the written and practical exams.

The DOB has stated that the application process consists of several applications ( Lic 41 ,Lic 42 ,and Lic2). They maintain that only the submission of the LIC2 requires the applicant to have accrued the required seven years of experience. The application process can be confusing and the application lists the following disclaimer:

Please be aware that all applicants will be allowed to take the written/practical examination before they are found qualified for the license by the Department. It is solely the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has the necessary qualifications , for the license type for which they are applying.

The MPC believes that all candidates should have seven years of total work experience PRIOR to the submission of the LIC 41 application.

Persons with that level of experience will be much more likely to succeed in the plumbing industry.  We recommend changing the process to have all candidates experience approved before they are permitted to file the LIC 41 application. This is the process utilized by most other municipalities, is transparent and ensures that when the candidates start the examination process, the uncertainty of being rejected for insufficient experience should not be an issue.


What do you think?  Do you think this new change should be rolled back? Will this help or hurt the new licensee when they attempt to navigate the business? Click here to take the survey.