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Next Generation Event at the TOTO Showroom in NYC

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, our Next Generation Event was held at TOTO’s Manhattan Showroom. Along with hosting and sponsoring the event, TOTO did a presentation on Toilet Technology, informing the attendees on how they mix their high aesthetic standard with the highest level of cleanliness, all while protecting the environment. After learning about the brand, along with their warranty programs, MPC Board Member, John Sideris, did a presentation, “Introduction to Estimating”.

The attendees were able to learn about TOTO’s products and even test a few out, as their showroom is not only gorgeous and filled with the most up-to-date technology, but it is interactive as well! Thank you TOTO for your continued support and for making this event a success!

The goal of the Next Generation Series is to provide an environment where the next generation of our industry can come together and, not only network with each other, but also learn more about our industry and how to run a business. Members are encouraged to send key employees who are set to be the future leaders of our industry.