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Building News: October 2018

Required: Daily Construction Safety Meetings

As a reminder: as of May 16, 2018, pre-shift safety meetings, and site-specific safety orientations became mandatory on site safety jobs in New York City.

Local Law 204 of 2017: Requires pre-shift safety meetings to be conducted at site safety jobs in New York City. These safety meetings, or toolbox talks, are required to be held by a competent person designated by the permit holder at the beginning of each worker's shift, and includes a review of the work that will be performed during the shift, and specific safety concerns or risks associated with the work.

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Next Generation Event - October 23, 2018

On Tuesday, October 23rd, we held our last Next Generation event of 2018! Over 30 key employees attended the event at Trattoria 35 in Bayside. The topic of the night was Operator Qualification.

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Building News: September 2018

Local Law 196: Construction Safety Training

Local Law 196 of 2017 is in effect, and as of March 1, 2018, all construction and demolition workers on site-safety jobs in New York City must have a minimum of 10 hours of construction safety training.

If DOB finds untrained workers on a site-safety job, we will not only issue a violation to the General Contractor who holds the permit, with an associated civil penalty of up to $5,000 for each untrained worker. We will issue similar violations to the owners of the property as well as the employer of the untrained worker. That could mean as much as $15,000 in associated penalties for each untrained worker found at the site.

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New Con Edison Meter Bars

Please see below information shared by Con Edison regarding the new 500/1000 meter bar requirement: After September 30, 2018, the new Class 500 and Class 1000 AY McDonald meter bars are required for multi-bank installations for class 500 and 1000 Meters.

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The Voice of the Licensed Master Plumber: Summer 2018

Welcome to Summer 2018. It’s already the middle of July and time is moving way too fast! Before you know it, January 01, 2019 will be here. Besides a potential hangover, that date will also bring us the new requirement for DOT Gas Operator Qualification. The “process” for obtaining this qualification is complete and we will provide information about it in this issue, as well as on our website.

One aspect that has been finalized is the training. The first exams for instructors will be given in mid-July and formal training should start sometime in August. This enhanced gas safety training is the first of its kind anywhere. It consists of leak surveys, atmospheric corrosion surveys, purging gas systems in and out of service and recognizing abnormal operating conditions. It also teaches trainees how to react when they encounter any of these issues.

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2018 Scholarship Winners
Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship Winners! Meghan Martin, Valley Construction, Radiah Mohamed, Skinner Plumbing, Jordana Nadile, Hertler/Nadile Plumbing and Heating and Samantha Racan, DANCO, Inc.

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D.E.P List of Approved Water Meters

As a reminder, the most up-to-date list of approved water meters and related equipment can be found on the NYC Department of Environmental Protection(DEP) website. Click here to access the list, which was last updated October 2017.

USDOT / NYS PSC Mandated Gas Service Operator Qualification

As published in the June 2018 MPC newsletter, it is critical that we start to identify the potential number of persons that will want to have achieved Operator Qualified status prior to January 01, 2019, so that they may continue to work on DOT jurisdictional gas piping.

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Candidates no longer need 7 years’ experience to take written exam
Under NYC Rule 104-01, Candidates are no longer required to have 7 years of work experience nor have to attain registered journeyman status prior to applying to take the written exam.

The only published time requirement is that they have seven years of experience when they submit their final application (lic2). A final application can be submitted up to one year after they have passed both the written and the practical exams. Candidates are now permitted to accrue any additional required time while working through the licensing process. There is no minimum published experience requirements for submission of the initial Lic 41 application. Persons with as few as 4 years total experience may theoretically now start the licensing process. Based on this change, persons who in the future would be prohibited from obtaining a full NYC Dept. of Buildings Gas Work Certificate may actually be able to sit for the written exam!

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Next Generation Event at the TOTO Showroom in NYC

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, our Next Generation Event was held at TOTO’s Manhattan Showroom. Along with hosting and sponsoring the event, TOTO did a presentation on Toilet Technology, informing the attendees on how they mix their high aesthetic standard with the highest level of cleanliness, all while protecting the environment. After learning about the brand, along with their warranty programs, MPC Board Member, John Sideris, did a presentation, “Introduction to Estimating”.

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Renewing Your License
Please click here to review the License Renewals process. This section also includes some areas you should review to make sure you are in compliance with other DOB regulations.