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DOB Staff Visited 1,000 Construction Sites to Inform Contractors & Workers of New Training Requirements

New York, NY –  Today, Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca and agency staff members visited 1,000 construction sites throughout the five boroughs in a day-long public outreach blitz to inform contractors and workers that new safety-training requirements will take effect on December 1st. At that time, construction and demolition workers at a large construction sites in New York City will be required to have at least 30 hours of site-safety training, and supervisors must have at least 62 hours of training. The exact locations of approximately 7,000 construction sites where training is required can be seen in DOB's interactive map.

In addition, tomorrow, DOB will join representatives from the Mayor’s Office, our partner city agencies, and day laborer advocacy groups, on another “Day of Action” targeted toward the city’s day-laborer community.

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The Department of Buildings announced the release of a new, interactive map showing the location of all 1,056 building construction projects across New York City where DOB has issued permits allowing construction work to proceed outside of normal business hours. The map, which is updated daily, includes links to the Department’s Buildings Information System (BIS) public database, which has further information about these permits, including what type of work is being performed, the hours of the permitted work, and the reason why the after-hours permits were granted. The new map will give members of the public a tool to confirm whether construction projects on their block have the proper permits to work at nights and on weekends. An after-hours variance (AHV) permit is required to perform any building construction work in New York City before 7:00 am, after 6:00 pm, or on the weekend. Click here to continue reading press release.

Today, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) is reminding workers, contractors, developers, and property owners of the upcoming deadline for workers and supervisors on large construction sites to obtain site safety training as required under Local Law 196 of 2017. Starting December 1, 2019 – which is just thirty days away – workers at many construction sites will be required to have at least 30 hours of site-safety training, and supervisors must have at least 62 hours of training. The exact locations of the approximately 7,000 active construction sites where training is required can be seen on DOB's interactive map.

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New Safety Training Signs Required on NYC Construction Sites
Today, Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca announced that multilingual notices about safety-training requirements must be posted at the exits of New York City’s larger construction sites. This new mandate, which goes into effect today, requires the signs to be posted in every language that is used by workers to communicate at each specific construction site, and is part of the agency’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness about the upcoming deadlines for workers and supervisors to obtain site safety training as required under Local Law 196 of 2017.  Click here to continue reading.

Upcoming change to Boiler, Fuel Burner, Fuel Storage, and OP49 filings
As of 4:00 pm on August 30, 2019:
Boiler (BL), Fuel Burner (FB) and Fuel Storage (FS) applications not yet in ‘D’ status in the Buildings Information System (BIS) must be filed in DOB NOW: Build;
OP49 paper submissions not yet received by the Department, will not be processed.

Note:  OP49 paper submissions that are either ‘rejected’ and/or are awaiting Certificate of Occupancy approval must be resubmitted by the deadlines indicated on the rejections notices; however, the absolute last day to resubmit any paper OP49 submission is August 31, 2020.  After August 31, 2020, all outstanding paper OP49 resubmissions must be filed as a new notification in DOB NOW: Build.

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2019 Scholarship Winners

We are honored to announce our 2019 Scholarship Winners!

High School Scholarship Winners: Benjamin Horvath, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating, and Emily Hernandez, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating

College Scholarship Winners: Brett Roizman, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating and Jasmine Rebecca Fernandez, Fernandez Heating and Mechanical Corporation

Thank you to all who applied!

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National Grid Stops Processing New Gas Service Requests
As a result of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) recent decision to deny “without prejudice” a water permit for Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project, which would help to relieve gas supply constraints in the area, National Grid has stopped processing all applications for new or expanded gas service in Brooklyn, Queens and on Long Island.

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Comptroller Stringer Demands Answers from Con Ed in Response to the Company’s Threats Over Proposed Williams Pipeline

Today, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer sent a letter to Con Edison demanding the company produce evidence to support their threat of a natural gas moratorium should the Williams Pipeline be rejected and called on Con Edison to proactively invest in green energy and energy efficiency instead of doubling down on fossil fuel infrastructure.

“The Williams Pipeline is a direct threat to our communities, our kids, and our future. It would be a monumental step backwards that would derail our progress in the fight against climate change. The stakes could not be higher. We do not have time to invest in the fossil fuel infrastructure of yesterday,” said Comptroller Scott M. Stringer. “We’ve heard enough veiled threats from Con Edison — it’s finally time they start providing answers. There is no good reason to invest in natural gas today only to turn it off tomorrow to meet our emissions goals. Our utilities can do better. Instead of spending $900 million on a pipeline, it’s time for Con Edison and National Grid to go all in on renewable options, energy efficiency, and electrifying buildings. Con Edison is threatening a false choice of the pipeline or a moratorium. If Con Edison really commits to a green energy future, we can avoid both.” Click here to continue reading the press release from New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer.

Backflow Prevention Flyer

Backflow Prevention Flyer:

Click here for a Backflow Prevention Flyer from DEP, which will help inform property owners about backflow. It is a great resource for customers.

Today, Department of Buildings Acting Commissioner Thomas Fariello, R.A. announced the deployment of more than 90 DOB inspectors throughout New York City to perform safety sweeps of construction sites, and educate workers about the importance of construction site safety. These construction inspectors, including those from the Department's newly created Construction Safety Compliance and Construction Safety Enforcement units, the Cranes and Derricks Unit, the Scaffold Safety Unit, and the Special Operations Unit, will be deployed throughout the city to ensure that construction sites are safe for both workers and the public. Click here to read more.

5th Annual Affiliate Appreciation Night
The Master Plumbers Council hosted its 5th Annual Affiliate Appreciation Night on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at Vetro Restaurant in Howard Beach. From its inception, this event was created as a “give-back” to our Affiliate Members, who are a large part of the success of this organization. Twenty-five Affiliate Members set up tables at the event. The more than 140 attendees visited each table, where companies handout giveaways and promoted their exclusive event only specials. More than 15 amazing prizes were raffled off! Thank you to our Affiliate Members who participated and graciously donated prizes. For the past five years this event has been a great way to show our appreciate to our affiliates, as well as bring our members and their employees together for a fun and informative night! Click here for the event photo gallery.

DOB Buildings News: March 2019

New Interactive DOB Building Profiles Map

Earlier this month, the Department published the DOB Building Profiles map, an interactive tool that provides greater insight into how the agency regulates NYC's nearly 1.1 million buildings and more-than 45,000 active construction sites. The map provides a 12-month snapshot of building permits, complaints, inspections, violations, and accident reports for every property in the city.

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Guide to Local Law 152 Compliance
The MPC is a non-profit organization consisting of small and large licensed plumbing contractor companies, whose mission is to protect the public health and safety of New York City through the enactment and enforcement of safe and effective plumbing Codes. Our committees have reviewed the Local Law 152 and the proposed rules.  We have been flooded with questions about persons offering to conduct LL152 inspections and there have been articles published about this topic that are not accurate. This document was created to provide the general public with up to date information, so that they can stay compliant with the requirements of LL152. Please click here to download the document.

Robert John Daly Memorial Training Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On January 31, 2019, the Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new training center. The Robert John Daly Memorial Training Center was named in honor of Robert John Daly and his lifetime commitment to the safety and well-being of the citizens of NYC through his leadership and guidance of the city’s licensed plumbers. The center will host courses offered by the MPC to its members and the industry. 

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DOB Buildings News: January 2019

Commissioner Chandler Retires

Rick Chandler

Rick D. Chandler, PE, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Buildings, is retiring from city service. The Commissioner served 31 years with the City, including nearly 20 with the Department, four of which were as Commissioner. Commissioner Chandler led a sweeping modernization effort touching every part of the Buildings Department, including the launch of DOB NOW, which will allow New Yorkers to do all business with DOB more than 230 new inspectors and 150 technical staff, resulting in significantly faster permit reviews and inspections of construction sites and 311 complaints; and regulating the city's real estate and construction industries during the largest building boom in at least 50 years.

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