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3rd Annual Golf Outing
Monday, July 15, 2019 at the Village Club at Lake Success
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Backflow Prevention Flyer:

Click here for a Backflow Prevention Flyer from DEP, which will help inform property owners about backflow. It is a great resource for customers.

About MPC

Today, licensed plumbing contractors are facing greater challenges from: unlicensed competition, major utility encroachment, ever changing building codes, New York City’s fiscal crisis, technological changes, new workplace laws and regulations.

NYCMPC membership provides support to professionals in the plumbing and related industries. Members are justly recognized as authorities. Be a part of the Master Plumbers Council, engage with others and help to protect your livelihood.

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Subsurface Plumbers Association


SPANY consists of licensed plumbing firms specializing in the performance of sewer and water main installation, replacements, repairs, upgrades, and all other associated underground plumbing work. With its close affiliation with the MPCNYC, the two associations provide a full range of services to the plumbing industry.

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compliance guides:

- GUIDE TO LOCAL DOT CT 87 Compliance

IMPORTANT: Effective April 15, 2019, persons working on the Utility portion of your gas meter piping are required to have a special DOT (Federal) Operator Qualification to perform this work.

Only a NYC licensed master plumber or their employees who possess this qualification are permitted to do the work. Persons performing the work must possess an identification card. You may scan the card to ensure the person’s qualifications are current. Any standard QR reader will work. The person presenting the card should work for the plumber you hired for the job. CT 86 or CT 87 must appear as current for the person’s qualification to be valid. The third item listed is not relevant to the qualification.

MPC Guide to Local DOT CT 87 Compliance 4.16.19MPC Guide to Local DOT CT 87 Compliance 4.16.19

Please click here for a list of MPC Member Companies that are CT 87 Compliant.


Our committees have reviewed the Local Law 152 and the proposed rules.  We have been flooded with questions about persons offering to conduct LL152 inspections and there have been articles published about this topic that are not accurate. This document was created to provide the general public with up to date information, so that they can stay compliant with the requirements of LL152.

MPC Guide to LL 152 Compliance 3.6.19MPC Guide to LL 152 Compliance 3.6.19 

Industry News

National Grid Stops Processing New Gas Service Requests
As a result of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) recent decision to deny “without prejudice” a water permit for Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project, which would help to relieve gas supply constraints in the area, National Grid has stopped processing all applications for new or expanded gas service in Brooklyn, Queens and on Long Island.

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