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Today, licensed plumbing contractors are facing greater challenges from: unlicensed competition, major utility encroachment, ever changing building codes, New York City’s fiscal crisis, technological changes, new workplace laws and regulations.

NYCMPC membership provides support to professionals in the plumbing and related industries. Members are justly recognized as authorities. Be a part of the Master Plumbers Council, engage with others and help to protect your livelihood.

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Subsurface Plumbers Association


SPANY consists of licensed plumbing firms specializing in the performance of sewer and water main installation, replacements, repairs, upgrades, and all other associated underground plumbing work. With its close affiliation with the MPCNYC, the two associations provide a full range of services to the plumbing industry.

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President's Message - December 2015

It has been ten days since the launch of Inspection Ready and the fear of the unknown is behind us. The system is running and as far as we can tell, all of the open and old jobs have been migrated over to the new system, just as we were told they would. Yes, there were some issues that needed to be figured out, but under the direction of Tom Connors, they were all addressed in a timely and professional manner. Are all of the issues behind us? Probably not, but this is because there are so many different aspects to the inspection process and I am sure we have not touched on every possibility yet. 

Regardless of the issues, and the need for us all to dive into the unknown and learn a new process, Inspection Ready will be a great new tool in all of our tool boxes once it is fully embraced and understood by licensed professionals. Nothing involved with the inspection process will ever get lost again. Thousands of documents and tasks that needed to be hand delivered and done in person, can now be done from the comfort of your office chair. 

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